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Disclaimer/ Terms of Use

Last Revised November 2022

Section 1 - Terms of Use / Liability Release

1.1) You are responsible for choosing your program on ApplyBoard. WayMaker Immigration Services is not held liable for your decision.

1.2) You are responsible for the payment of your application fees, tuition fees, registration of your program and/or any request for tuition refunds.

1.3) WayMaker Immigration Services does not play an intermediate role between you and the school.

1.4) Using this service does not constitute any form of retainership for the sake of a study permit application or any other services with WayMaker Immigration Services.


1.5) By using this service, you are bound by the terms and conditions of Applyboard.

Section 2- Disclaimer

2.1) You are not obligated to use WayMaker Immigration Services for your study permit application if you receive admission through this service route.

2.2) WayMaker Immigration Services does not charge any professional service fee for this admission service, as Applyboard may pay WayMaker Immigration Services commission for recruitment of students subject to conditions.


2.3) All commission paid by Applyboard belongs to WayMaker Immigration Services and are not shared with the student or any other party.

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